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Staziker Presents their very own weather station, View it now!

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Staziker Presents their nature program, view what we offer below.

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About us


As Staziker Projects we like to build, code and design, amazing projects with a small budget.

We started by Buying a programmable computer, in this case a Raspberry Pi.

Our First project was a controllable robot which could be either automonous or controlled via Wi-Fi.

The we entered into the more advanced world of building a weather station, This is viewable via the web at services.staziker.co.uk/weather. Our best project so far is our Birdbox and Birdwatch service, This includes a Birdbox with a built in camera, that is accessable over the web, and our new BirdWatch site that has recordings of the Birds Entering and leaving, View this at nature.staziker.co.uk.

Our Projects (So Far...).

Automatic and Manual Robot Car with Safety Sensors

No Site for this project

Weather Station with Graphs

Live Birdbox with on-demand

Face Recognition (MagLock) Door

No Site for this project

New project coming soon

No Site for this project

Our Equipment (So Far...).


  • Movement Sensors

- Sonic distance detector

- IR Distance detector

- Motors


  • Lights

- Over 50 Led's


  • Security and locks

- 4x Servos

- 1x Large MagLock



  • Cables and power

- Multiple Power Cables

- Multiple GPIO Cables

- Meters of standard cable




  • Weather Sensors

- 2x Temperature Sensors

- Lux Meter

- Wind Speed Sensor

- Anometer

- Rainfall Counter

- Rain Detector

- Humidity Sensor


  • Cameras

- 2x Normal RPi Camera's

- 1x Night Vision RPi Camera

- And IR Lights for the camera

9x Raspberry Pi's (and counting)


Our Trailer

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